It Never Rained

Oyster Fest was cloudy and wet but it never actually rained on me.

Jacqueline and I celebrated the anniversary of the purchasing of our matching oyster necklaces (and yes I actually handed my camera to someone else).
IMG_1372 IMG_1356

I love the display at the VIP bar 🙂

It looks like I’m headed straight for the garbage with my food, but it was actually very delicious. Andrea’s eggplant with crab! But Jacqueline won with her soft shell crab poboy! (How did we go to Oyster Fest and not eat oysters!?!)
IMG_1343 IMG_1347

I took Royal Street home.
IMG_1399 IMG_1404

Had to stop at my favorite window in the French Quarter. Look at the octopus man!

Came across the Jaywalkers on the way.
IMG_1413 IMG_1412

And took lots of random photos without even looking at what I was shooting.

IMG_1478 IMG_1495

Made it home without even opening the umbrella!


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